Biking to a Pancake House in the Dutch countryside…

Biking & Pancakes - the perfect day in Amsterdam!

Biking & Pancakes – the perfect day in Amsterdam!

I was surprised how beautiful Amsterdam is as a city during a recent trip. Away from the tourist traps and seedy parts of town the Western Canals are a gorgeous spot to spend a lazy afternoon in and it was here that we rented bikes one sunny Sunday and ventured into the Dutch countryside. The free ferry departs from behind the train station and if you head to North Amsterdam you can follow signs to Broek-in-Waterland which is a scenic 10km ride through pretty countryside and along the river, spot a windmill en route and at the right time of year you can see tulips, there is no question you are in Holland surrounded by tulips and windmills! For the quintessential Dutch day head to the White Swan Pancake House in the picturesque village of Broek-in-Waterland for a lunchtime treat and with over 50 variations of pancake you are spoiled for choice! Ditch the bikes for a little while and stroll around the quaint streets and take in the sights of this quiet village before heading back to the city and enjoy biking around the Western Canals as the sun goes down and finish off with a beer in one of the many outdoor cafes – what a perfect day!