Brunching in Style on the Hackney Road…

Fabulous food & cocktails await you at Mr Buckley's

Fabulous food & cocktails await you at Mr Buckley’s

East London has been inundated with a host of fabulous restaurants, bars, hotels and shops in the past few years and while it may not have the aesthetic beauty of other parts of London having been badly damaged during the Second World War the East End has emerged as a hub for fashion, style and all things trendy. Taking on a food trend is the fabulous Mr Buckley’s tucked away on the Hackney Road close to Hoxton and Columbia Road. This restaurant and bar have picked up on the tapas-style food trend that has been popular in New York and London over the last few years and also source their food locally. The edgy cocktail list will leave you unable to make a decision and one of TravelBella’s favourite things about Mr Buckley’s is the fabulous brunch that does not finish at 11am (side note – TravelBella is very happy to see brunches popping up all over London that don’t finish before a New York brunch typically starts!) and the Lobster, Crayfish & Asparagus Benedict is to die for – washed down with a Breakfast Cocktail of Gin, Campari, Marmalade & Grapefruit Juice of course! My Buckley’s is a superb spot for a group with large tables and food that is designed to be shared, the downstairs bar also has a great vibe and if you are not careful you will come for brunch and stay until closing time! However I would recommend coming for brunch on a Sunday and then popping across the road to the Columbia Road Flower Market where you can pick up some beautiful floral bargains – although go easy on the Breakfast Cocktails or you may find yourself heading home with a full-blown garden only to realise you don’t have outdoor space!