Feeling the Magic whilst island-hopping in Greece…


For adventure, beauty, variety, tranquility and escapism there is no where quite like the Greek Islands. Santorini has the sunsets, Mykonos has the nightlife and Symi has charm and beauty. You have probably not heard of Symi, not many people have and this only adds to the allure. Located just one hour from Rhodes by ferry this quaint and pretty island welcomes avid day-trippers but TravelBella likes to stay for at least a few days for the real magic that comes once the ferries heaving with day-trippers have departed and the island is a still oasis of calm. In the morning as you stroll to the village hub in the harbour for your morning coffee the locals wish you a good day. Be sure to visit Panormitis in his sponge shop located in the harbour where he will advise you on the local sponges (TravelBella loves to stock up and they are a great exfoliant for the skin!) as well as keep you updated on the local gossip! Enjoy breakfast overlooking the crystal clear waters at the charming Aliki Hotel where Georgio will take great care of you and even lend you his boat for exploring the perfect coves tucked around the island, the hotel has a 1950s Riviera Chic feel to it, in fact the whole island does. The pretty colourful houses that cluster on the hillside keep the architecture authentic and as you climb up the steps to reach Chorio, the village at the top of the hill, you pass old ladies selling fresh herbs and there is a photo opportunity at every turn. The churches, the houses, the views – the views! The sea is the deepest blue you have ever seen and the colourful houses in their Neo-Classical style sparkle in the sun. Symi is a magical place and once you leave you wonder if you had imagined it all with it’s neat little houses, crystal clear blue sea, charming inhabitants and perfect little details that will stay with you forever.