Sipping Rosé in a beautiful jardin in Provence…

Good wine in a beautiful garden - what could be more perfect in Avignon?

Good wine in a beautiful garden – what could be more perfect in Avignon?

Many would agree that there are not many places equal to Provence for it’s sheer charm and beauty. The south of France has been a favourite holiday destination for over a century with vistiors coming from all corners of the globe and Provence, with it’s lavender fields, world-class wines and pretty villages is the perfect place to spend a few days unwinding in the tranquil surroundings with excellent local cuisine and unsurpassed wines. Avignon is the pretty town at the heart of Provence. The historic buildings and charming squares, the bridge spanning the blue stretch of Rhône that passes through, the immense Palace of the Popes, as well the array of bistros, cafes and fine dining combine this UNESCO World Heritage Site with class and style. The Hotel La Mirande, located just outside the well-preserved ramparts of the Palace of the Popes does just this – it oozes charm, class and style in that way that only the French can do. As you step into La Mirande you are stepping into history, this once-private house has been a hotel for over two decades and essentially guests feel like they are staying in a private house, it is intimate and friendly. The rooms are exquisite with beautiful detail such as tarnished mirrors and as you peer into them straining to see your reflection you can’t help but wonder who over the centuries has looked at their reflection in that same piece of glass. The gardens were the highlight for me and we enjoyed delicious locally-produced rosé whilst sitting in the glorious sunshine in a garden of outstanding beauty under a clear blue sky – what could be more parfait?