Soaking up the culture in Athens…

You can't miss the Acropolis in Athens!

You can’t miss the Acropolis in Athens!

Those ancient Greeks knew what they were doing! The remains of the cities that they built are steadfast in many parts of Greece thousands of years on, and some parts retain such superb detail – the condition is astonishing. The location of their monuments too is to be marvelled and the Acropolis of Athens is no exception. From all vantage points in this huge city you can see the magnificent landmark of Ancient Greece standing firm and proud. This was a building designed to be seen, designed to be held in awe and designed to stand the test of time. It is perhaps one of the most inspiring buildings ever built in terms of it’s location, grandeur, design and explicit attention to detail, not to mention the fact that it remains to be seen in such wonderful condition to this day. The Acropolis is clearly viewed from many of the wonderful restaurants and rooftop pools of hotels that are abundant in Athens, however seeing it up close and personal is well worth it. Not only is it a good workout (all those steps!) but the view from the summit is fantastic and you can only absorb the magnitude of the city from up here. You can also observe the intrinsic detail of the architecture, the master craftmanship and towering pillars that one can only try to fathom how they were constructed so high up and in such a climate. It is a humbling experience and well worth it! Your efforts can be rewarded afterwards with a sumptuous dinner at the superb Dionysos by the Acropolis where, as you enjoy a feast of local treats, you can watch the sun set over a collosus reminder of the magnificence of the Ancient Greeks.