Having a Champagne Picnic in Grand Canyon…


Land your Chopper in Grand Canyon!

Perhaps one of the most stunning scenes you can ever experience is that of Grand Canyon. This world-famous area of oustanding natural beauty with it’s dramatic cliffs, valleys and sandy-coloured hues is something that must be seen, it is truly spectacular! TravelBella decided to see it in style, this meant a chopper ride from Las Vegas and then landing in the valley and having a champagne picnic whilst taking in the incredible surroundings. As the chopper descended into the canyon the familiar and jolly theme tune of Indiana Jones played out through the headset, yes it did feel like you were in a movie! This ‘adventure’ was the highlight of Vegas for me and as we flew along the Vegas strip en route back to base you get a fantastic view of the city and all the hotels sparkling in the sunshine like gold nuggets. The natural beauty of Grand Canyon is a welcome escape from the glitz and sparkle of Vegas where there is a ‘Venice’ and a ‘Paris’, after a while you crave seeing something real and what can be more real and more breathtaking than the legendary Grand Canyon!