Lounging Poolside beside an Active Volcano…

Sunbathing amongst Volcanoes in Antigua, Guatemala

Take a dip amongst Volcanoes in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a beguiling and utterly beautiful city about an hour from Guatemala City. It is steeped in history and the magnificent Spanish Baroque-style architecure and colonial churches are dramatically set against a backdrop of three volcanoes – Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. Much of the town was destroyed by various earthquakes as well as lava from these volcanoes during it’s history, and then rebuilt, and what remains is breathtakingly beautiful. The people here too are incredibly friendly and TravelBella has been fortunate enough to visit this bewitching city numerous times, even spending some time living here. Amongst the gardens, ruins, Spanish schools and hip little cafes and bars is the reknowned and spacious Porta Antigua Hotel. This firmly-established hotel, once known as the Hotel Antigua, is the perfect spot to stay when visiting this charming city. The large central pool is great fun but TravelBella prefers the hidden pool which is as dark and dramatic as the setting in which it lies. Take a dip in the shadow of a looming volcano and sunbathe in the glorious sunshine of Central America, with the squawk of the hotel parrots ensuring you don’t fall asleep in the hot midday sun.