Dining with a side of Flamenco…


When you think of Madrid you think of beautiful architecture, tapas, sangria, paella, bull-fighting and flamenco dancing. It is the latter that you can find at the decadent and exhilarating Corral de la Morería located in the heart of Madrid. This firmly-established restaurant founded in the 1950s proudly boasts of it’s celebrity clientele who’s photos line the entrance as you walk into a dark and enticing space where all eyes are on the stage tucked into a corner of the room. You must reserve your table in advance at an allocated time slot and the pricey set-menu is nothing that you will write home about, but it is the entertainment that draws the many visitors to this famed and classic night spot. The dancers are exquisite and the passion and exhilaration is evident on their faces as they give an outstanding performance, the last thing on your mind is the food as you watch the show unfold into a heart-beating, fast-paced, highly memorable evening of pure entertainment that you will want to write home about!