Roadtrippin’ to Vegas…


During a recent trip to LA we decided to take a road trip. I wanted to see Big Sur but Las Vegas won the vote. I had never been to Vegas and was not particularly keen to go, in my mind it was just one big pool party with lots of fist-pumping, a gamblers paradise and more cheese than you can shake a handbag of quarters at. However arriving in ‘Sin City’ after a scenic 4 hour drive from LA through the Mojave Desert I was pleasantly surprised. Yes you have to walk through cigarette smoke-drenched casinos to get to your hotel room, and yes there is definitely a level of tackiness that you would expect but overall it is a great spot for a few days of fun in the sun. TravelBella stayed at the Palazzo at The Venetian in a huge suite at an incredibly cheap rate (hotels are very cheap in Vegas!), the pool was beautiful and the staff were excellent. Eating out in Vegas is also a fantastic experience and many of the renowned US chefs have opened up shop in Vegas – highlights included SushiSamba, Mon Ami Gabi, and La Cave at the Wynn. We also saw Le Rêve – a riveting Cirque de Solei production. Even the cheesy gondolas in ‘Venice’ were fun, but the highlight for me was taking a chopper into Grand Canyon. As the helicopter returned giving us a birds eye view of the strip I was happy knowing I had made this trip, everyone needs to see Vegas!