Stepping away from street food in Cartagena…


The perfect spot for brunch or dinner in Cartagena

I love the street food in Cartagena. The food carts are superb to stop by for some lunch with delicious seafood treats and food typical of Colombia. However if you feel the need to sit down in an actual restaurant and have food served to you on a plate then Cafe Mila is the perfect spot. My favourite lunchtime treat is the homemade quiche, which is so delicious that I could happily stay all afternoon devouring the whole thing! I once had the most wonderful shrimp pasta for dinner whilst sitting amongst the stylish and trendy locals of Cartagena, another attractive characteristic of a restaurant for me – if the locals like it then you know it must be a decent spot! Cafe Mila is simple, but modern and cool. It is perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner whilst exploring the fascinating city of Cartagena, not to mention the incredible coffee served, that some say is the best you will find in the city… you will need your coffee kick to make sure you are awake for late-night salsa dancing at Cafe Havana!