Drinking a cocktail ‘away from you’ in Mexico…

Hotel Deseo - stop by to stay or for a cocktail

Hotel Deseo – stop by to stay or for a cocktail

Spend time away from work, worries and the world at the contemporary Hotel Deseo in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This stylish hotel is a snapshot of minimalism in the otherwise colourful and bustling Playa del Carmen, an hour south of Cancun on the Riviera Maya. The turquoise Caribbean seas lap the shores of this bustling tourist town, once a small fishing village and the Deseo is a welcome relief from the large resorts that line the beaches. A few minutes walk from the white sands, the Hotel Deseo is a simple hotel with cool tastes. The cocktails are superb, day or night, and the house beats playing into your room and poolside are a refreshing escape as you get into the groove in this Mexican resort town. After a sunset cocktail by the pool, head to the Blue Parrot, just steps away on the beach, and dance on the soft sand until the sun comes up.