Eating like a Venetian in the heart of London’s Soho…

Polpo - a great eating spot in London's Soho

Polpo – a great eating spot in London’s Soho

I was first introduced to Polpo two years ago after moving back to London from New York, and I instantly fell in love with this popular and buzzy food spot in the heart of Soho. It was similar to the food scene that had been emerging in Manhattan of smaller sharing plates, and the food at Polpo does not disappoint. From spicy pork & fennel meatballs to the duck ragu pappardelle it is difficult to share these dishes when they are so delicious! Washed down with a glass of house prosecco the food is perfect for lunch or dinner and Polpo is the perfect spot for business lunches, friends, or a romantic dinner date. In fact every visitor I have had to London I have taken to Polpo and they have all loved it.

Such is my love of Polpo that I was bought the cookbook for Christmas and the dishes are surprisingly easy to prepare. By chance I read an interview with Polpo owner, Russell Norman, en route to Venice and we managed to find many of the Venetian bacaros that he has based Polpo on and you can see why this concept is such a success in cities like New York and London where hungry customers on a busy schedule want to pop in for a drink and a bite to eat whilst enjoying a social, buzzy ambience. Many of the bacaros in Venice don’t have seating and locals drink a prosecco or wine whilst wolfing down a few cicchetti before heading off to dinner, although in Polpo’s case this is dinner as you will not want to leave! Polpo only takes lunch time reservations and dinner is first-come, first-serve so fortunately for us there are now branches of Polpo in Covent Garden and Smithfield – but Soho will always be TravelBella’s regular haunt!