Taking time for romance in Venice…

Dusk in Venice, time to find a Barcaro!

Dusk in Venice, time to find a Bacaro!

Aaaaaah Venice, the City of Romance! It’s not hard to see why this city has become reknowed as the City of Love as you navigate the winding streets and canals, getting lost as you cross yet another bridge over yet another canal as the sun sets and the sky becomes a painted mural of blues and the moon shimmers on the water that surrounds you. The cobbled streets, crumbling palaces and sense of history sweep you into another world. Venice is a city with many facades – the famed Carnival, the hot sticky summers and the icy winters with the bitter winds. Go with your love and happily get lost, stumble on a Barcaro and drink prosecco at the bar and enjoy whatever cicchetti they have on offer between stepping in and out of the tourist hotspots – the palaces, the prisons, the galleries and museums. There is no agenda in Venice, it becomes a blur of prosecco, gelato, cicchetti and of course love.