Lounging Poolside in Manhattan…

A sunny day in Manhattan!

Perfect day for lounging by the pool in Manhattan!

If you are lucky enough to have friends who are members of the Soho House group then try to take advantage of the member guest passes and drop by the pool at Soho House in New York. Luckily for me I have many friends who are members and the dear friend who took us last weekend also managed to sneak in a few more than the ‘plus one’ policy for the pool (naughty us!) and TravelBella also broke the ‘no photos’ policy snapping this shot (we should be banned!). My favourite thing about Soho House, any of the Soho Houses, are the swimming pools – it must be quite obvious at this point that TravelBella loves a good pool! During the summer Manhattan can be an uncomfortably hot city, so to be able to escape to a pool without having to face the long drive to the Hamptons or a beach is a wonderful treat! The staff are very hospitable and keep guests refreshed bringing out fruit slices and all your beverage needs – just don’t get caught sneaking in extra guests or shooting a cheeky photo – you don’t want to be told off by management when everything else is such perfection!